Powershell Toolkit 3.0 Preview

Hi guys

I am working on Powershell Toolkit 3.0 and have already made some significant changes as you will see in the Screens. I will add more functions, and still have a big list of things to do. If you find something you want me to add, give Feedback to this post.

New Functions I added / will add

  • Read Hostsfile
  • Connect AMT via VNC
  • Ping IP V6
  • GPResult
  • Clear Screen
  • Get Usersession
  • Logoff Usersession
  • Get SCCM Cache Size
  • Start all SCCM Cycles
  • Delete local Policy
  • Fix Windows Update
  • GUI Optimizing
  • Changelog
  • Fancy Icons


Powershell Toolkit 3 Preview
Preview of Powershell Toolkit 3
puttygen download windows


Powershell – Get GPResult of Remote Machine

Another one line of code that I use very often

Get-GPResultantSetOfPolicy Computer $ComputerName User $GPUser ReportType html path $Filepath

Where $Computername = Name of Computer putty download , $GPUser = Name of User, $Filepath = Path where Report gets saved, e.g. c:\temp\report.htm

It is way faster than using the wizard in gpmc.msc and adding a report


Powershell – Get Hostsfile of Remote Machine and add entries

Reading the hostsfile (Get-Content)

Here is a small script which can read a hostsfile of a remote machine (appropriate Firewall Settings and local admin rights required)

This can all be aquired with only one line of code:

Get-Content “\\$computername\c$\windows\system32\drivers\etc\Hosts”

$computername has to be changed to the machine Name of the remote Computer, eg. ws01

Adding new entries (Add-Content)

To add new entries you can use the Add-Content commandlet:

Add-Content “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts” “`r`n127.0.0.1`t`t`t`tgoogle.com”

This method can be useful for Software Distribution if host entries are required. You can’t use Add-Content commandlet for a remote machine. But there is a solution. Just start a remote Powershell Session (PS Remoting has to be enabled)

Start-Process powershell.exe -ArgumentList “-noexit -command Enter-PSSession -ComputerName $ComputerName”

in this session puttygen download , you can use the Add-Content Commandlet.




Powershell Toolkit 2.0

Powershell Toolkit version 2 is finally finished. I did optimize the code and added some more functions.


  • Added Options Dialog
  • Settings are saved in User Profile and can be exported and imported in / from other Folders
  • Optimized Code
  • Fixed some Bugs
  • Added Multilanguage functions (English and German)


  • Please Report if you find some, most functions should work without Errors.



Main Screen