Here is a little preview of my Powershell Toolkit

Version 1.3a Features:

  • Get Computer User
  • Get User Computer
  • Get Home and Profilepath
  • Remote Access with MSRA, Remotecontrol, RDP
  • Remote CMD and Powershell
  • Remote IPConfig, Shutdown
  • Unlock AD User
  • Reset AD Password
  • Wake on LAN
  • Remote Hardware Check (Mainboard, CPU, RAM, USB Device, Printer)
  • Remote Installed Software Check
  • Remote Check Local Admins
  • Remote Computer Management
  • Check Remote Hostsfile
  • Check Remote WLAN Active
  • Get Remote started Processes
  • Get Remote Services, Start / Stop / Restart them
  • Get Remote Harddisk Usage and Condition
  • Remote Reset Offline File Cache
  • Get Remote Mapped Drives
  • Get Remote Eventlog
  • SCCM, Restart Computer and Software indexing
  • SCCM, Get Advertised Software
  • Logging function
  • Integrated Powershell Command Line

Version 2.0 will be finished Q1 of 2015. I will upload the code, a copiled .exe and the Powershell GUI files for editing in Powershell Studio. Any Input is very welcome. I code this by myself in my free time, so expect some bugs. Me and my team use it in my office for helpdesk tasks. Most functions are tested 🙂

Todo for Version 2.0:

  • Optional Settings saved for user, Options contain different default paths and language
  • Optimizing Code and GUI (not that important)


Powershell Toolkit Preview Version 1.3
Powershell Toolkit Preview


Thanks very much to Francois-Xavier Cat who made the original LazyWinAdmin Toolkit ->

I used his code PuTTY , made a new GUI with Powershell Studio and added some functions.