With this Script you can unlock locked users from AD without RSAT or RDP to your AD Server. It can be only used with Domain Admins rights, which should be clear. You Need to install the Quest Admin Tools from http://www.quest.com/powershell/activeroles-server.aspx and then follow the script.

function Show-MsgBox
[Parameter(Position=0, Mandatory=$true)] [string]$Prompt,
[Parameter(Position=1, Mandatory=$false)] [string]$Title =“”,
[Parameter(Position=2, Mandatory=$false)] [ValidateSet(“Information”, “Question”, “Critical”, “Exclamation”)] [string]$Icon =“Information”,
[Parameter(Position=3, Mandatory=$false)] [ValidateSet(“OKOnly”, “OKCancel”, “AbortRetryIgnore”, “YesNoCancel”, “YesNo”, “RetryCancel”)] [string]$BoxType =“OkOnly”,
[Parameter(Position=4, Mandatory=$false)] [ValidateSet(1,2,3)] [int]$DefaultButton = 1
[System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName(“Microsoft.VisualBasic”) | Out-Null
switch ($Icon) {
“Question” {$vb_icon = [microsoft.visualbasic.msgboxstyle]::Question }
“Critical” {$vb_icon = [microsoft.visualbasic.msgboxstyle]::Critical}
“Exclamation” {$vb_icon = [microsoft.visualbasic.msgboxstyle]::Exclamation}
“Information” {$vb_icon = [microsoft.visualbasic.msgboxstyle]::Information}}
switch ($BoxType) {
“OKOnly” {$vb_box = [microsoft.visualbasic.msgboxstyle]::OKOnly}
“OKCancel” {$vb_box = [microsoft.visualbasic.msgboxstyle]::OkCancel}
“AbortRetryIgnore” {$vb_box = [microsoft.visualbasic.msgboxstyle]::AbortRetryIgnore}
“YesNoCancel” {$vb_box = [microsoft.visualbasic.msgboxstyle]::YesNoCancel}
“YesNo” {$vb_box = [microsoft.visualbasic.msgboxstyle]::YesNo}
“RetryCancel” {$vb_box = [microsoft.visualbasic.msgboxstyle]::RetryCancel}}
switch ($Defaultbutton) {
1 {$vb_defaultbutton = [microsoft.visualbasic.msgboxstyle]::DefaultButton1}
2 {$vb_defaultbutton = [microsoft.visualbasic.msgboxstyle]::DefaultButton2}
3 {$vb_defaultbutton = [microsoft.visualbasic.msgboxstyle]::DefaultButton3}}
$popuptype = $vb_icon -bor $vb_box -bor $vb_defaultbutton
$ans = [Microsoft.VisualBasic.Interaction]::MsgBox($prompt,$popuptype,$title)
return $ans
# Script
$Locked_User = Get-QADUser -Locked | Select-Object -expand samaccountname
if ($Locked_User -ne $null){
Show-MsgBox -Prompt “The following Users are locked: `n $Locked_user” -Title “Locked Users” -Icon Information -BoxType OKOnly
$Confirmation_User = Show-MsgBox -Prompt “Unlock User?” -Title “Unlock User?” -Icon Information -BoxType YesNo
if ($Confirmation_User -eq “YES”){
$Unlock_User = $Locked_User
Unlock-QADUser $Unlock_User
$Locked_User_2 = Get-QADUser -Locked | Select-Object -expand samaccountname
if ($Locked_User_2 -eq $Locked_User){
$Locked_Error = Show-MsgBox -Prompt “Error unlocking $Unlock_User” -Title “Error unlocking User” -Icon Critical -BoxType OKOnly
Show-MsgBox -Prompt “User $Unlock_User unlocked!” -Title “Entsperrt” -Icon Information -BoxType OKOnly
Show-MsgBox -BoxType “OKOnly” -Title “Unlock User” -Prompt “No user unlocked!” -Icon “Information”}
Show-MsgBox -Prompt “No user locked!” -Icon Information -BoxType OKOnly

First Comes the Show-Msg function for the Msg Boxes. Second the simple User Unlock function. If multiple Users are locked, you can unlock all at once.